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We focus on digital tools and applications that improve the lives of the humans that use them.

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Super Humane partnered with the Investments & Wealth Institute to create an interactive tool designed to equitably help investors find exceptional advisors and discover free resources and education.


Understanding Humans.

(and being understanding Humans)


Although we’re a technology company, it’s not the technology that matters most, it’s the human experiences we shape. That’s the important stuff.


Magical and useful things.


We focus on digital tools and applications that improve the lives of the humans that use them. Tools that have helped people advance their careers and education; bettered their efficiency or enjoyment at work.


Discovering the possibilities together.

Let's Discover Together!

We’re people people. And UX/UI people. And problem-solving people. Humanitarians who wield empathy and technology to better your business. We engage an agile methodology and approach every project with empathy, humility, and passionate collaboration. Everyone is all in.

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Our Clients say things like...

“They made what we formerly perceived as a complicated and daunting task easy and enjoyable, and the end result was beyond our imagination.”

“Hey, come to our barbeque on Saturday.” And, “We had a great time with you helping to build that community garden.”


Impacting people’s lives.


We want to create work that benefits humanity, whether that’s on-screen or off. So whenever possible, we take our talents outside of our traditional work and get our hands dirty helping where we can.

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Super Humane Team
Agile Humanitarian
UX Humanitarian
Creative Humanitarian

Our Capabilities:

Strategy: Data and human-driven UX strategies

UX Research and Discovery | Product Strategy | Creative Ideation | Digital Product Vision

Design: Engaging, intuitive, meaningful, and delightful experiences

UX and UI Design | Information Architecture | Wireframing | Prototyping | User Testing | Branding and Identity

Development: High-quality, scalable, and maintainable solutions

Front-End Development | Custom Web App Development | CMS implementation | DevOpsHosting & Maintenance

Drawing on more than 20 years of UX, design, and web development experience, we have a proven methodology capable of producing life-changing digital products.

We Can
See The Future

Ok, so we’re not claiming to be fortune tellers, but with decades of experience we’ve learned enough to know that when making new products they need to be successful now, and for many years to come. So we always have one eye on what’s ahead.


We're Grounded
in the Present

While we carefully tend to the future, our current toolbox employs human-centered design practices and leans heavily towards web-based applications, particularly those that are responsive to all device types.

We Focus on people and their mental and physical affordances.

We don’t chase trends. We build the best possible experiences for people, using the best technology available at the time.

We involve the people who are using the product.

Designers and stakeholders have the best intentions at heart. But users ultimately determine the success of a product. We involve real humans and time-tested UX methodologies to validate and direct our approaches.

We’ve been around since before the internet started.

Yes, it’s weird but true, civilization existed before the Internet. Point being, we've seen the pitfalls and successes. We've learned a lot and we’re really good at applying all those lessons to every project we execute.

We love to see the enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonderment that comes when people adopt, and adapt to, new technologies.

We Bring Global Together

Our distributed team isn't limited to who’s available in a particular geographic area. When we need a new contributor, whether permanently or temporarily, we search for, and find, the best of the best.

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How We Work

We conscientiously design and architect products and web-based applications that work on tiny screens, huge monitors, and everything in between. We believe the web is The Great Equalizer and it has unmatched potential to improve the lives of everyone on the planet.

We Work in a Distributed Fashion

We can work with the best people, anywhere in the world.

We can work whenever and wherever we can do our best work.

We don’t harm the world (and ourselves) with wasteful commutes.

We have time-tested UX and agile methodologies.

We meet regularly, in-person to excite our collaborative nature.

We use virtual presence tools to conduct conversations, meetings, reviews, and sharing.


We are small and agile

Our agile methodology combined with a small and stable client roster ensures phenomenal work, remarkable speed, and a personal relationship. You will know us by name and face.

Our process is iterative. We look for projects and clients that believe in iteration and the mantra of “release early and often”. We strategize, we plan, we design, we build, we learn, we adjust.

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Why We Work

We improve the lives of humans. We care about humans. We act deliberately to help and not hurt humankind. We have empathy and humility.

To Delight Humans

We build interfaces around the humans that will use them. By focusing on the capabilities and limitations of humans—from the mental to the motor—we can ensure products that delight their human users. The particulars of a given device are just implementation details, albeit intrinsic to its success and therefore never overlooked.


To Do What Really Matters

We respect the people we work with: from employees, to contractors, to clients and partners. Work is a subset of these humans’ lives. By doing work that matters in a way that engages, and delivering exciting results, we expect the people we work with to be enthusiastic about working with us. We haven’t been let down yet.

To Make Life Better

We look for opportunity to improve other lives in our community. Locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, we strive to be humanitarians in the truest sense of the word and dedicate a portion of our hands, minds and revenues to humanitarian initiatives.

We work with companies and organizations that understand that humans will use their tools and makes those humans the primary drivers of their products.

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The Work

We adore our clients. To have such affection, we make sure we're on the same page as our partners both on a project and personal level. We welcome clients into our agency and encourage participation in our outreach efforts.

Most of our projects focus on helping people understand complicated systems and situations. We love diving into challenging problems and creating an intuitive application when others say “That can’t be done!” We connect people with careers and jobs. We help people better understand themselves and their abilities. We surface critical trends. We explain the inexplicable.

If you have a big challenge at your organization, we’d like to help you solve it.


Enabling Talent Professionals to Grow their Capabilities

Atd Mockup

ATD serves talent development professionals to achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. ATD members come from more than 120 countries and work in organizations of all sizes and in all industry sectors.

ATD is the authoritative source for talent development professionals. Members depend on ATD to guide them toward the knowledge and skills that will empower their growth and development. In 2020 ATD released its brand new Talent Development Capability Model that sets the standard for what professionals need to know and do to be successful.

Bring the Talent Development Capability Model to life by creating a mobile-first web application. The engaging, immersive, and interactive model allows professionals to self-assess their knowledge and find educational tools to help them grow their expertise and elevate their careers.

The engaging, immersive, and interactive model allows professionals to self-assess their knowledge and find educational tools to help them grow their expertise and elevate their careers.


Demystifying the Semiconductor Industry

Semi Mockup

The mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support economic opportunity for workers and the sustained growth of the microelectronics industry. They accomplish this through creating pathways and opportunities for job seekers, and tools and systems for semiconductor companies to attract, develop, retain, and advance a diverse and skilled workforce.

Increase awareness of—and familiarity with—the Semiconductor industry and help students and interested potential employees find their path into the industry. Help young people understand the industry and all of the potential career opportunities.

Partner with CAEL and the SEMI Foundation to design and architect a web application that demystifies the industry and helps a younger audience understand and relate to how semiconductors impact and contribute to the world around them. Use visual storytelling and image-based selections to help these job seekers explore the industry and its jobs, and match them to roles that fit their interests, future skills, and potential education. In essence, help young people dream about their future in this life-changing industry, visualize potential career pathways, connect them with real mentors, and expose the education needed to be successful.

Demystify the semiconductor industry while helping young job seekers find careers that match their interests, future skills, and education.


Financial Match Making

Iwi White Mockup2

The Investments & Wealth Institute is a professional association, advanced education provider, and standards body for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers who embrace excellence and ethics. IWI offers industry-leading certifications and world-class education for advisors.

Help investors find IWI-certified advisors that meet their specific and unique investing needs and preferences while also directing them to free educational resources. Increase and generate leads for IWI-certified advisors with investors that are best suited to take advantage of their certifications, skills, expertise, and offerings.

Create an interactive, equitable, emotionally engaging, and highly visual web application. A tool that quickly engages investors in a fun and simple match-making process that pairs them with advisors that are appropriate for their life stage, financial state, goals, preferences, and unique situation. Throughout the process help investors understand the value of choosing an advisor with IWI certifications. Provide an administrative portal for advisors to create detailed and informative profiles.

A match made in financial heaven. InvestmentHelp.org matches the unique needs and preferences of an investor with the exceptional attributes of an IWI-certified advisor.


PathSavvy—Powerful Career Pathing Software

Path Savvy Mockup2

Finally, UX-focused career pathing software designed to retain employees by empowering them to visualize their career potential, set actionable goals, and take the right steps to achieve long term success.


• Discover hidden talent
• Increase retention and engagement
• Empower employees to succeed
• Maximize learning and talent investments
• Empower managers to guide and lead


• Career mapping
• Career matching
• Action plans
• Insights and transparency

To learn more about this powerful software visit PathSavvy.org

Super Humane and CAEL partnered to create PathSavvy. Career pathing software designed to increase happiness, performance, confidence, productivity, and commitment!


Helping Tennesseans find Jobs & Education Locally

Tenn Mockup Flat2

TN.WorkLearnEarn.com is a Web Application that helps students and career seekers in Tennessee explore and connect with education opportunities in their area.

Inform, educate, and excite students and young career-seekers about the career and educational opportunities that exist in their local region. Provide them with viable jobs and acess to education right where they live.

Partner with CAEL, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Complete Tennesse, and Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development to create an interactive job and industry matching tool. Students and job seekers are matched to jobs based upon attributes they deisre, education they are willing to get, the industry they are interested in and the salary they hope to achieve. Robust industry overviews and job descriptions help to educate seekers. The site is bright, clean and reflects the Tennessee spirit.

“Work Learn Earn is another life-changing application we are proud to have partnered with Super Humane to launch for the citizens of Tennessee.”

—Lewis Brown
Vice President, Partnerships


Matching Job Seekers with Careers in Financial Services

Bomc Mockup Flat2

NYC is the hub of the Financial Services industry and offers tremendous opportunities for young career seekers. Financial Services is a well established and growing industry in need of qualified employees, but people don’t know what it takes to land a career successfully.

Inform, educate, and excite young career-seekers about the opportunities that exist in the Financial Services industry. Expose the requirements needed to be successful in the industry.

Partner with CAEL, JPMorgan Chase, and NYCETC to create an interactive job matching tool that helps students and job seekers find roles that match their skills, interests, and education level. The tool provides in-depth job descriptions that expose expectations and requirements as well links to education providers and employers. The site is bright, clean and modern to entice young job seekers.

“Job-seekers, employers, educators and economic developers are so excited about how this Web App is helping grow the Financial Services Industry in NYC. We are proud of our partnership with Super Humane to make this happen.”

—Lewis Brown
Vice President, Partnerships


Meeting Workforce Needs in West Virginia

Wvctcs Mockup Flat

The West Virginia Community & Technical College System (CTCS) coordinates community and technical colleges statewide, partnering with businesses to meet workforce needs and ensuring a meaningful education for our students. Community and technical colleges are an opportunity for West Virginians to get a college education for a reasonable price with on-the-job training in a variety of fields.

Create a website that reflects the mission, vision, and values of WVCTCS.

Develop a modern, easy-to-use, and engaging website. The mobile-first website informs employers about how WVCTCS is preparing their workforce, and demonstrates to potential students all the opportunities that exist within the system.


Helping McDonald’s Employees go to College

Mc D Mockup Flat

McDonald’s employs hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. In collaboration with ACE, all of those employees are eligible for college credit recommendations for training they attend through McDonald’s.

While this enormous benefit is available to thousands upon thousands of people, only a few hundred take advantage of it each year. Many are unaware of the program. Those that know of it have an incomplete understanding, find it overwhelming, or aren’t sure how to use it.

Meet McDonald’s employees where they are—on their mobile phones—with a tool that is easy and fun. Break down barriers and alleviate the fear of going back to school. Using a mobile-first, web application to introduce the concept, explore the courses that may be credit-worthy, calculate a “college credit score” and locate schools that will meet the employee’s needs. All in a fun, encouraging tone that makes the process feel easy.

“McDonald’s could not be happier with the responsive web app that Super Humane designed and developed. We know it is going to help better the lives of so many employees, and advance the business that McDonald’s does.”

—Lisa Schumacher
Director, Education Strategies


Helping Floridians Stay Safe During Floods

Dhi Mockup

Flooding in Florida is a way of life, but it does not have to be life-threatening. Super Humane and DHI partnered to create a Web App designed to keep citizens and business owners alerted to current and upcoming floods.

Keep citizens aware of potential floods and how they affect the places they interact with on a daily basis.

Provide a real-time and localized alerting system to help citizens and the business community understand where floods will occur, what the severity of the flood might be and what they should do to stay safe and keep property protected. The app will help keep the City of Miami Beach safe as well as save money due to property loss and damage.

“Super Humane provided powerful UX insights, architecture, visual and interaction design to help make this project a success.”

—Steve Blake
DHI Project Manager


CAEL + JPMorgan Chase

Petrochem Mockup Flat

Houston is the global central of the Petrochemical industry and offers great-paying, stable careers to thousands of workers. There is enormous growth ongoing, but many people in the area aren’t aware of the opportunity.

To introduce Houstonians to the Petrochemical industry that lives in their backyard. Expose the opportunity and benefits (and the challenges) and match job seekers with careers that excite them, then connect those future workers to the training and education they need to be ready for the job.

An innovative job matching tool helps people find exciting roles based on their skills, interests, and education level. This tool is blended with descriptive imagery and statistics to tell the story of the industry and the opportunity of its jobs. And each job is mapped to specific career paths and to the institutions and companies that will prepare and employ the new workers.

“The PetroChemWorks.com website is an essential tool that will greatly assist Industry in filling gaps by helping students, parents, unemployed, under-employed and Veterans map their personal interests and talents into a Career in Industry. ”

—Dani S. Grant
Human Resources Manager, Noltex LLC


Unveiling New Career Opportunities for Coloradoan’s

Coadvanced Manu Mockup Flat

A Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor to the Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program (CHAMP). The CHAMP Project is in place to increase the attainment of degrees and certifications in manufacturing in order to best serve employers’ needs.

To educate Coloradoans about the Advanced Manufacturing industry and help them attain manufacturing degrees and certificates that align with the industry’s recognized competencies, skills and certifications to create a pipeline of highly-qualified advanced manufacturing industry workers.

Provide an exciting and empowering experience that works where they are—on their mobile devices, or their desktop. The visually engaging app helps the workforce explore the booming industry and its job families and robust job descriptions. A powerful set of interactive tools help users visualize a career path, learn about specific roles, understand required education and ultimately seek out a new career in advanced manufacturing.

This project is a great example of collaboration in action. CAEL and Super Humane collaborated with several organizations to successfully produce a responsive web app that will help workers build their skills and grow the Advanced Manufacturing industry in Colorado.

—Shawn Hulsizer
Associate Vice President Product Innovation
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

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We are a distributed team that builds cutting-edge, responsive web applications. Our partners are all located in Colorado (Denver, mostly) but we welcome anyone, anywhere to join us. The Super Humane team is made up of humanitarians at heart and layered on top are spectacular technical, creative, and organizational skills. We are all intrinsically motivated by the people we work with and their projects.

If you’re excited about joining a team where you can be a humanitarian every day, send us a note: tell us a little about yourself, why you’re excited about being super humane, and include some examples of you and your work. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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