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Malenke | Barnhart is now

Super Humane, LLC

We are super excited to introduce Super Humane—a new company fortified with 14 years of experience as M|B and a renewed vigor for digital tools and applications that improve the lives of the humans that use them.

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What We Do


UX—User Experience

Designers and stakeholders have the best intentions at heart. But users ultimately determine the success of a product. We involve real users to validate and direct our approaches.

Web Applications

While we carefully tend to the future, our current toolbox leans heavily towards web-based applications, particularly those that are responsive to all device types. We love what’s going on right now with phones and tablets and the whole internet of things.

Client Spotlight

McDonald's ®

College Credit Connection Program

We are waist-deep building a responsive web application that will help McDonald’s employees jumpstart their college careers.

We are all about


Understanding humans.
(and being understanding humans)

Although we’re a technology company, it’s not the technology that matters most, it’s the human experiences we shape. That’s the important stuff.

Magical & useful things.

We focus on digital tools and applications that improve the lives of the humans that use them. Tools that have helped people advance their careers and education. Bettered their efficiency or enjoyment at work.

Discovering the possibilities together.

We’re people people. And technology people. Humanitarians who wield technology to better your business. We engage an agile methodology and approach every project with empathy, humility, and passionate collaboration. Everyone is all in.

Impacting lives.

We want to create work that benefits humanity, whether that’s on-screen or off. So whenever possible, we take our talents outside of our traditional work and get our hands dirty helping where we can. Every year we identify a cause, or causes, and commit ourselves to making a difference for them.

The leadership team

Leadership Team Josh West, Matthew Elliott and Laurel Malenke bring decades of senior-level expertise to Super Humane.

We bring global together.

Our distributed team isn't limited to who’s available in a particular geographic area. When we need a new contributor, whether permanently or temporarily, we search for, and find, the best of the best.

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